The project team combines technical knowledge with knowledge of the features of the region due to its mixed composition between the proposing entity, Regional Directorate of Environment and Nature Conservation, the implementing entity, Efrican Foundation, and sectorial partners.

Agostinha Semedo

Technician DRACN “The project is of great importance to the island of Príncipe in terms of Carbon Dioxide.”

Alberto Leal

Environment Technician DRACN “The actions inscribed in this project are of sublime importance for the protection and conservation of the population."

Ana Alice da Mata

Regional Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development DRACN “Project of vital importance for the sustainable development of the island. More accurate characterization of CO2 values and sequestration capacity."

António Abreu

Coordination- DRACN DRACN “Moving towards sustainability”

Arzemiro Cassandra

Head of section of the Biosphere Reserve of the Príncipe DRACN “Project of relevance to the balance and environmental sustainability in the country and particularly in RAP.”

Carlos Semedo

Driver Efrican Foundation “The project is sustainable for Príncipe Island.”

Edivaldo Correia

Superior Technician DRACN “This project is a crucial food for what is environmental, tropical and globalized sustainability. Let's do more and better!”

Ivo Pizarro

Responsible for Efrican in STP Efrican Foundation “This project ensures that Prncipe Island has a management tool with valid scientific data and long-term quantifiable measures to maintain the island as a sink of GHG’s. Congratulations !”

Julieta Sansana

Efrican Implementing Coordination Efrican Foundation “The Roadmap has made it possible to measure the present look ahead in terms of GHG emissions. It is a contemporary management tool that, with the contribution of all stakeholders, points the way to the sustainable growth of the Region. The Príncipe deserves it and the whole team is to be congratulated! ”

Júlio Mendes

Head of department DRACN “It is a project of great value for RAP, because it gives us a short, medium and long term orientation and enables dialogue and behavior change between the various actors and the communities working in the area of protection and preservation of nature. We have a lot of actions ahead of us. (…)”

Maria João Martins

Efrican Implementing Coordination Efrican Foundation “The future passes through the harmonious growth of the population with nature and its resources, preserving the natural wealth of one of the most beautiful regions in the world. ”

Maria José Prazeres

Regional Director of Environment and Nature Conservation - Coordination DRACN “The project is of great importance because it was necessary to know our carbon sequestration capacity.”

Ofreu Aurora

Technician Efrican Foundation “Project with a deep vision of some points for sustainable development.”

Pedro Silva

Coordination of team fields Efrican Foundation “At a time when the effect of climate change is increasingly visible in the world, the adoption of low-carbon strategies is ever more central to achieving global targets. The Roadmap contributes to this objective and the Príncipe deserves this recognition.”

Rodolfo Lavres

Office Director DRACN “The Roadmap project has promoted learning opportunities aimed at tackling the challenges of nature.”

Ruldmisa Borges

Administrative DRACN “It is a very important project that was already lacking in our region.”

Sandra Gué

Technician Efrican Foundation “It is a project very rich in knowledge about CO2 that should be longer."


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