What is it?

The Roadmap for Carbon Sustainability of Principe Island is a project financed by the Environmental Fund of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action of the Portuguese Republic whose proposing entity is the Autonomous Region of the Principe (ARP) and the implementing entity is the Efrican Foundation. This project aims to build a roadmap to achieve carbon sustainability in ARP.

In this way, GHG emissions from the 3 economic activities sectors, alternatives and mitigation were inventoried, as well as the accounting of carbon removal by the natural sinks existing on the Island. Thus, it was possible to create a decision support tool, defining scenarios of socio-economic growth, and calculating the differentials associated with these sinks, allowing to make Principe an example worldwide.

Emissions primary, secondary and third sector

Carbon sink and compensations


of the measures


of the measures



The ARP, despite belonging to a Least Developed Country, provides a service to the global community by being a carbon sink. However, the natural growth of the region can contribute to the oscillation of the balance of emissions which, depending on the development options taken, may lead to an increase/decrease in the sink potential.

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Roadmap for Carbon Sustainability of Principe Island
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