The methodological scheme developed for this project was based on the best available international practices, the guidelines defined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the GHG Protocol guidelines and the experience of the team itself.
In order to determine the current state and the evolution of GHG emissions from ARP, the methodology was divided into two phases. At first, information gathering work was carried out to characterize emissions. In the second phase, the emissions of the reference scenario were calculated, and development scenarios were built for the region, culminating in the definition of the Roadmap.

Phase 1

Strategic Environmental Assessment

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Definition of Zones and Preparation of surveys

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Sample Definition

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Data Information Collection

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Phase 2

Processing of collected information

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Emissions in the base year

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Mitigation Measures


Development Scenarios

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Mitigation Measures Energy

Mitigation Measures Fishery and Agriculture

Mitigation Measures Forest and Settlement

Mitigation Measures Mobility

Mitigation Measures Waste and Wastewater

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Roadmap for Carbon Sustainability of Principe Island
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