Public presentations

The Roadmap aims to be a participatory document that involves the main stakeholders, previously identified. In this sense, throughout the work, several consultation sessions were carried out with the stakeholders. The public presentation of the project was the first moment of contact with the population and with the main stakeholders and served to make the project known and to make them aware of the activities being developed.

There were also held 4 sessions to concert the mitigation measures, where the 39 mitigation measures were presented, analyzed and discussed. The input from the main stakeholders was collected and used as an important input to the Roadmap.

Concertation of mitigation measures

For the Roadmap to be a participatory tool it was very important to listen to the opinion of the main stakeholders on the proposed mitigation measures, in order to integrate their inputs in the work developed. Thus, 4 concertation sessions were held, and the development scenarios and proposals for mitigation measures were presented. For discussion/concertation of the mitigation measures, participants were divided into groups and received a set of mitigation measures for group dynamics, noting the comments in a registration model. After the discussion in the working groups, the measures were also discussed among the groups present in the room.

1ª Presentation

The session with stakeholders from the primary and secondary sector took place at the Protásio of Pina Cultural Center on 05/18/2021, and the discussion of mitigation measures related to forest, agriculture and fishing took place. 

Directorate of ForestsNova Estrela Community Leader
Poultry farming CooperativeReta Porto Real Community leader
Gaspar Community LeaderSowyers Association
Cooperative of Cassava FlourRegional Secretariat for Environment and Sustainable Development
Regional Directorate of CulturePríncipe Trust
Porto real Community LeaderCoal Workers Association
Enterprise JAACommunity Leader
Cocoa Producers AssociationCOMPRAN Project

2ª Presentation

The session with stakeholders of the third sector took place at the Protásio de Pina Cultural Center on 05/19/2021 and was given emphasis in the discussion of mitigation measures related to Energy, Mobility and Waste.

EMAE- Water and Electricity Enterprise (Reagional Delegation)ENAPOR – Harbor Administration National Enterprise
Customhouse DirectorateCommunity Leader
São Mateus Community LeaderPalaies Abade Association
Waste Recovery CooperativeNVG Enterprise
Kua IheBrandy Production
LusocashRegional Directorate of Economic Activities
Migration and Borders Service

3ª Presentation

The session with stakeholders of the third sector and tourism took place at the Centro Cultural Protásio de Pina Cultural Center on 20/05/2021, emphasis was given to discussion of mitigation measures relating to Energy, Mobility and Waste.

Sundy Community LeaderCity Services
BirdLifePresident Association
Member of the Reagional AssemblyRegionalAssembly President
Rent a carPrincipe Natural Park
Hotel Belo MonteTourism Director
Directorate of Forests and BiodiversityENASA – National Airport andd Air Security Company
Association of tour guides

4ª Presentation

The session took place at the Portuguese Cultural Center in São Tomé Island, on 25/05/2021. The session presented the preliminary results of the work carried out and the most important mitigation measures for the sector were discussed and evaluated. For discussion and analysis, each participant was given a mitigation measure recording their comments in the form designated for this purpose and for further discussion in the room. In this session all measures were made available for conciliation.

FONG – ONG FederationDirectorate of Forests and Biodiversity
Agriculture DirectorateTVS
General Budget DirectorateLEC STP – Civil Engineering Laboratory
ResidentialGeneral Directorate of Environment
Fisheries DirectorateDireção das Florestas e Biodiversidade
TeseEfrican Foundation
National Institute of MeteorologyAmigos da Biosfera do Príncipe Association
Land Transport DirectorateEnvironmental Fund of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action of the Portuguese Republic
Directorate General for Natural Resources and EnergyUNDP- United Nations Development Programme
UN-HabitatTocantins University